Easton Cycling and PiNP #HideYourBikeInPlainSight Instagram Contest Oct 9, 2013


Look, camouflage is very “in” at the moment, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Easton would make a few rolls of this bar tape for promo purposes. I keep telling them to put the pattern into production but for some reason, they’re hesitant. Regardless, I managed to get my hands on a few boxes of the stuff and I want to give them away.


Want to win a free roll of this special edition Easton Cycling camo bar tape? The rules are simple. Go for a ride (in the city, the woods, gravel, dirt, mud, wherever), hide your bike in a creative way, take a photo on Instagram, tag #HideYourBikeInPlainSight (I know it’s a long one), then @ reply / follow both @Easton_Cycling and @JohnProlly.

You can add as many photos as you want…

Come Monday, I’ll pick the winner and ship you a roll!

Ready… GO!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Hide yo bars, Hide yo bike. Hide you spandex too.

  • Tommy Tank

    Why do i have to be on Instagram? There’s always a catch where i have to join Twatter/Flikr/Instacrap. Just use Facebook, it’s all of those combined and more accessible.

    • Instagram is a much easier format to catalog photos.

    • Davey Struthers

      all better then fb. fb is going the way of myspace……remember that?

      • Tommy Tank

        I do, although that wasn’t as personal, felt more like i was advertising myself on there. Too many different things, i just miss the days of phoning mates or a text. Social media overload.

    • dontcoast

      haha I feel the exact opposite way. facebook is for people to share stuff online I don’t have time for. but sharing pictures with friends is cool so I use insta. finally a non-FB contest!

      totally agree on social media overload tho

  • Soma used to make striated green camo bar tape. It was super sweet, but they’ve since discontinued the color.

  • jamie

    any ideas where to find camo tape ? or was this a limited run ?

  • Can I buy this yet?