CornFed 4 Oct 23, 2013

Hell yes! It’s been too long since the last Cornfed video and this one’s got a bit of Bongripper in it! Best fucking band ever.

  • Jackweed

    what’s the name of the first song?
    nice editing!

  • Rawson Adams

    Fixie skids and salmoning. I honestly didn’t think anybody did this anymore. Secondly I think doing things such as this degrade the relationship that bikers have been building with motorists. Ride responsibly with traffic or don’t ride at all!

    • Maybe if you didn’t have that avatar I would take this comment seriously… Way to mix a pretentious attitude with a dash of self-righteousness. Who are you? Judge Fixie?

      • Guest

        Yes, I suppose if my avatar looked like this instead, I’d be much easier to take seriously…

      • Rawson Adams

        It was actually a joke that I posted under my friends name because I knew it would annoy him, but I didn’t go through 6 years of fixie law school and work as a fixie DA for nothing.

      • Fred

        Prolly, assuming that the kids in this “edit” have mommies and / or
        daddies, I would say taht the harm is this: if they get hurt, the
        mommies and / or daddies will be sad. Also, I am glad that I don’t live
        in Indianapolis because, as a cyclist, I would get lumped in with these
        rude kids.