Breadwinner Cycles: JB Racer Hardtail MTB Oct 30, 2013



The thing that attracted me to Portland’s Breadwinner Cycles was the bonding of speed and shredability. When I think of Ira Ryan, I think precision road bikes and when I think of Tony Pereira, mountain bikes come to mind. Breadwinner is a little bit of both, with offerings from the touring-minded, to the race-faced and mountain-monsters. All in a tight, tig welded package.

The JB Racer is a classic XC machine, perfect for single, double track and trails. Let’s be honest here, most of you, unless you’re downhilling or hitting Whistler every weekend, could get away with a 100mm travel hard tail. The only problem is, if you save up enough loot to put down a $500 deposit on one of these $1800 frames, will you look as steezy as Tony?

Probably not. But at least the bike will look good!

See more information on the JB Racer at Breadwinner Cycles!

  • chris campbell

    That is sooo good.

  • Tommy P

    Internal brake routing? 1.125″ headtube? 9mm QR? It’s the high-tech bike of my dreams from 10 years ago…