Blue Lug: New Fairwather Pack Bags and Side Access Bottle Cage Oct 22, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 5.34.29 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 5.34.40 AM

Last night, Japanese bike shop, Blue Lug’s Flickr exploded with all kinds of new frame pack bags from local frame builder and bag maker, Fairweather. Bike pack bags are great and all, but I was more pumped on seeing the new side-access bottle cages (made in Japan!). Sure, it solves the problem of how you remove your bottle with your front triangle is filled with bags, but I just like to see a new spin on an everyday object.

See more at the Blue Lug Flickr and ordering information at the Blue Lug website, although, I’m not sure if they ship to the States.


  • Sean Curran

    how do bike pack bags feel in comparision to some of the other options? I assume better than a big saddlebag, but look much harder to pack and keep the width down?

  • Cameron

    They do indeed ship to the USA – I just ordered a Fairweather/Nitto stem direct from Blue Lug last week.

    • Kerry Nordstrom

      Hey, I’m wondering how you managed to order from them. I’ve tried corresponding via e-mail and I managed to bully my way through the registration process by putting a rando Japanese postal code, but filling in as much of my USA address as possible. I’d rather not submit my card if they’re going to not ship to me.

      • Cameron

        Weird – I had no issue getting in touch. I emailed via their contact us page and they wrote back within a day. Corresponded through a few emails to get pricing/shipping quotes and then placed my order via email and paid with PayPal. I am in Portland and paid less than $15.00 shipping via EMS and had the stem at my doorstep in 4 days. Easy-peasy.

        I am shooting for ordering a Fairweather CX frameset from them this spring too and they were happy to provide me all the info I requested on that too re: pricing/shipping cost, paint options, etc.