Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong Oct 24, 2013


I’d say this is pretty uncanny, down the bike. Ben Foster is playing Lance Armstrong in the new biopic feature-length film. Personally, I’m pretty into what I’ve seen so far! See more info here.

  • Chris Loudermilk

    Isn’t that a Trek?

  • adamgnewman

    It’s not a Motorola Merckx, as Lance rode for Postal during his TdF years. It’s a Trek, and a 1999, based on the quill stem. Plus those are 7700 shifters.

    • Mo Shizzle

      Also, Lance had teeth!!

  • rustiek

    Them thighs too small.

  • Davey Struthers

    hopefully they got the USPS Vetta comp on there!

  • Alex B

    More pics from the filming:

    • Yeah, I saw that, and the stack of Merckx Motorolas confused me.

  • wow. looks pretty close to ole lance

  • Leonarldo Laurence

    Max Martini, the guy played character Herc Hansen in Pacific Rim would be a better resemblance of Lance Armstrong.

  • Dylan Nord

    Can’t wait for this.Also, I owned that bike (very embarrassing)

  • charlesojones

    Too burly. Looks more like the pre-cancer LA.