Malachi’s Giant TCX Cross

Malachi Moxon of Northside Wheelers has impeccable style. Now, let me explain. You put an average rider on this Giant TCX with custom decals and they wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but not Mal. He can roll this bright steed anywhere and look damn good on it. Granted, I’m slightly biased but when I saw the latest rendition, I smiled ear to ear.

He’s even got a custom downtube UK flag decal made to match! What a rad bike. With that signature Northside Wheelers x Busyman saddle, ENVE wheels and a low, mean profile, this bike turned heads all cross season in Melbourne. Also, before you comment on the road pedals on a cross bike (I know you’re going to), he likes to commute in road shoes. Piss off!

Check out more photos of this rad ride in the Gallery!

  • Alex Forbes

    That’s gorgeous! And fyi, that’s actually the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain, not the Australian flag ;)

  • Chris Stull

    That’s one hell of a commuter.

  • Tyler Shannon

    Holy shit, I love this so much!

  • ttalpwehttam

    Malachi seems like one of the raddest dudes! Beautiful bike for sure.

  • Tom Bird

    Australian flag? Surely you mean flag of the United Kingdom?

  • Ian Stone

    Road pedals?

    • Damn son. Did you read the post?

      • Ham Sandwich

        road pedals though, dog? on a cross bike? please explain in detail.

  • Guest

    road pedals :|

  • Ham Sandwich

    why the road pedals? does he like to commute in road shoes or something?

  • Ham Sandwich

    god yer a pussy. we were all making a little joke about your preemptive road pedal comment. lighten the fuck up.

  • NOTE: I don’t care how funny you think you’re being. Don’t be a fucking idiot in the comments. If you’ve got something constructive to say, thanks, I’ll note and edit the post as necessary. I greatly appreciate your help – it’s a one-man show here and I miss things all the time.

    If you’re got some nit-wit opinion that in the long run, doesn’t fucking matter (it’s not your bike, kid) – keep it to yourself.

    I won’t let this site become one of the many blogs out there with idiotic commentary ruining the discourse between readers.

    thanks – xo

  • Fred

    Hot bike. Also: put a bird on it. Keep up the awesome work.

  • AttackCowboy

    Sweet, bold bike. I’d love to see it with the Cinelli bar tape from the splatter bike for even more sweet color.

  • Matthew Lew

    Love Mal’s bike.

    Does he put road wheels on it too (Dura Ace C50’s) or have a Giant TCR in a similar paint scheme?

  • Daniel Moncada

    nice bike. I wish companies would make more bikes with more personality. The standard black grey red or blue gets old. looks good.

  • Tim

    nothing to do with this bike, but i saw you were giving the fizik “grippy” tape a go. are you running the superlight or the performance, and how does it stack up against dsp?

    • I’ve got the thicker Fizik tape. Not sure it’s the “grippy” but I’ve never had to rewrap and i’ve been using it since April. I gotta admit, I like it more than DSP.

  • Prince Racster

    that shit is hot!

  • Jamie McKeon

    hot damn

  • Jake Ricker

    I want it!
    So jelly!

  • Jaron Moore

    I really dig the neon yellow/green on the wheels and brake levers. This bike would be right at home at a rave. Haha..

  • kdawg

    are they just all decals placed over the original paint? or is it clear-coated as well?

    • Spencer Olinek

      Second this question.

  • dup

    it needs to say GIANT a couple more times… maybe on the seat stays and chain stays? what about a ENVE x GIANT Collab? so then the rims can say GIANT too… Food for thought :)

  • Jonathan Moy de Vitry

    Road pedals?

    • Did you read the post?

      • Jonathan Moy de Vitry

        I did. Just trolin’ :p Although I still don’t see the use of road pedals, knobbies and cantilevers on a commuter…