Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track

The owner of this Gangsta track has been hanging around Shifter Bikes since he was in his early teens. Now, years later and he’s got an itch to ride his bike out from the city on a big, weekend ride. Before he could do so, he needed Dan to add bottle braze ons to the frame.

Now, the technique Dan used didn’t involve a torch, but it did involve a drill and a device called a Nutsert. More on that later. For now, let’s check out this rad Gangsta Track!

  • Guest

    saw this the other day….

    • Wade Schultz


    • too bad those Shimano pedals SUCK. Buy Time ATAC.

      • keirinmax

        yeah they must be totally whack as tons of pro cx riders use them ;D

        • Because they have to! (sponsorship)… :-D

          • keirinmax

            cannot agree with that ;D anyway: everyone has his personal favourites :D

          • :-D

    • Jamie McKeon


    • Scott

      I too, think it it completely outrageous when the pedal preference of others differs from my own.

  • Spencer Pond

    Candies on brakeless set up, yikes! Something like this needs Time ATACs

  • Dale Cooper

    Brought my recently acquired V1 to the painter yesterday, and still was hesitating on the color at the workshop : classic orange or navy blue. I went for the orange and now I regret…

  • Matt Good

    Shout outs to Rivnut for making bottle cages possible. On another note, I’ve broken egg beaters on a similar SS rig, but switched to M540’s years ago and have had zero problems. Curious as to making the switch to Times though…

    • ATACs allow you to wear your cleats on opposite feet for a tighter hold, which is perfect for a brakeless track bike… And I just hate Shimano pedals. They get gunked up with shit too easily, although this isn’t a MTB.

      • Matt Good

        Word, I hate working on all things Shimano. The tech rep’s usually read you the box when shit goes real south… -_- Very helpful… If only SRAM had a pedal…

  • Jaron Moore

    I may have to convert my SS to FG and get some handle bars like this. I dig it.

  • Christiaan2414

    Very interested in this method for my Bridgestone track. John you mentioned more about the process of drilling and
    nutsert. Is this something I can do for my bridgestone? Thanks

  • DANL

    design is so bland. Any bike with the word ‘gangsta’ in its name is suspect.

    • It’s utilitarian, stripped down to be a street-hardened fixed gear that can take the wear and tear of the everyday riding in NYC. Austin Horse rides / races / wins on one.

      Gangsta means confidence, not ostentation.

      • DANL

        stripped down, street-hardened fixed gear but it’s pre-drilled for front/back brakes? utilitarian but it’s clip-in pedals?

  • Austin Horse

    I like!

  • kobusher