Blakey’s Splatter Kinesis Commuter Extravaganza

Ok, look. This bike might just well be one of my favorites I’ve seen in months. Why? Campag and Shimano, tapered head tube, general trickery and yes, a DIY paint splatter paint job with a matte clear coat. Blakey’s Kinesis commuter even has matching pedals and helmet (of which weren’t present). This bike rules, I’ve had splatter paint bikes before and there’s something that’s just so photogenic about them – and horribly difficult to correct white balance. Check out more of this rare bird in the Gallery!

  • Márton Sógor

    So is it a commuter just ’cause there’s a bell on it? :D Just kidding.

    • Fenders!

      • Timo Coutura

        where to get those fenders? like them a lot.

        • Andrew Blake

          SKS Chromoplastic P35, then you have to paint the fender & stays matte black, drill the mounting brackets out and re rivet them on the outside, cut mudflaps from HDPE and bolt/rivet them on…

  • Wade Stevens

    That bar tape too!
    Busyman, or Sharpie?

  • Really digging this. ’90s MTB style just looks so good right now.

  • Parker

    The framesets are cool.
    Wish they were available in the US, would be a cool Spooky alternative. But I’d rather have the money for a Spooky…

  • sturtlovinggood

    That matching pump, too…

  • Kerry Nordstrom


  • Olex Apferman

    I cant tell, is he running shiftmate for the shimalgo. or is it just a good match of old parts.

  • Jamie McKeon

    seriously rad

  • Mo Shizzle

    Ultremos for commuting. Like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Awesome build nonetheless. Would like to see his sunday ride.

  • Andrew Blake

    For the peanut gallery:
    Winter roadie primarily, sometimes commuter.
    Framesets aren’t available in Oz either, but winstanley bikes ship cheap. I’d like an FTW spooky too.

    Campy 11 to Shimano 10 via hubbub cable routing.
    Been riding all winter on those ultremo 28s, no flats, zero fucks, why ride shit tyres.

  • schue113

    The davinci tandems replacement cam for SRAM x9 derailleurs works awesome to convert Ergo 10 sps to work with Shimano/sram 9 sp drivetrains. kind of a nice drivetrain for cross, super positive shifting.

    • schue113

      Super cheap drivetrain replacement parts too.

  • ken

    what kind of bartape is that? looking awesome!

  • Impalpablestate

    That is one ride i would gladly take! Love to see more shots.