Andy’s Euro Track with Campagnolo Pista

I first met this bike back when FYXO was Fyxomatosis, in Japan and if I recall correctly, it had a little more white and a little more red paint covering its tight angles. There is no shame in a respray – although I did like the original paint – especially when you’re looking to give your favorite bike a facelift. Or in this case, make it a minimal race machine.

Last weekend, as I was hanging around Maison de Blanc, I asked Andy if I could shoot his Euro track bike. Maybe it was the bright white tape, or the supple and soft white Rolls saddle (which, by the way is pain to photograph without a polarizing filter), but it was just begging for some clever placement photos against his father’s tractor.

Modern, mixed with vintage Campagnolo, a FYXO track ring, impeccable paint and classic wheels… what else would you expect? Check out more in the Gallery!

  • Patrick Murphy

    Awesome shot of the rear clearance. Tight bike. Pun intended.

  • Jaron Moore

    I was going to point out that crazy clearance on the rear wheel but Patrick beat me to it. Good eye. Really like the minimalism going on here.

  • Jamie McKeon

    did you use the 135mm f2 for the rear cog / hub (from above) shot?

    • Jamie McKeon

      also lol, campy record crank driveside selfie strong

  • Great shots… Again. Any chance of EXIF data please?

    • Cycle EXIF should be able to tell EXIF by lookin at the photo! ;-)

      • Gettin there, dad, gettin there…

        • I mean, it’s not “Cycle What’s the EXIF?” is it? ;-)

          • It is, if I can’t tell what the EXIF is just by looking at a photo and I’m interested in finding out what makes a good photo!

          • EXIF doesn’t make a good photo! (seriously)

          • Fair dinkum!

  • Henry James Pallett

    ‘Euro Sport’ my man… and a damn fine example of Brian’s handiwork.

  • Christiaan2414

    Those hard ano rims are tops, who makes them?