Well That Was Fun Sep 6, 2013



After two days of #Alpvibes, I’m back in Zurich for the evening before flying back to Austin tomorrow. These past few days have been incredible. Some of the trails were super steep and technical, while others just danced like ribbons in the wind along the ranges. No one was seriously hurt but we all ate shit and yeah, nothing like climbs that averaged 25%…

I’ll pick up this weekend, right now, I’m toast!

  • James

    So lucky! Any desire to get a full squish bike now?

  • dup

    super rad to see all the MTB content on here! good shit john!

  • Noel Smith


  • Possibly my biggest regret in life is riding the Alps on a road bike instead of a mountain bike…

  • Nicholas Haig-Arack

    stoked on all the mtb love on pinp. and that ribbons in the wind shit is poetic as fuck.

  • coal

    Ever thought about bringing a go-pro along? I can’t imagine anyone more suited for something like that

    • Those things are the worst! ;-)

      I’d rather keep some things as a personal memory