We Made it to the Mountains of Madness Sep 1, 2013


Lyle from Mission Workshop and I have successfully escaped Eurobike and fled to the Mountains of Madness in Glarus, Switzerland. Today we’re going to get in a quick ride before heading out to Freiburg, Germany where we’ll be riding with the guys from Santa Cruz.

Expect some real epicness from PiNP over the next few days as I take on some of the most epic riding in the world.



    Have a great trip guys! it was nice to meet you at Eurobike! Simona Bava(bici)

  • Flammpunkt

    Great to hear to you are able to make the most of the trip and not having to fly back straight back after the show. So much riding within reach of Friedrichshafen. So little time.

  • Europeantouches

    if you are in freiburg and need someone to do a road ride with (if you get tired of all the MTB sillyness), give me a shout!

    • :-)

      I’m on a MTB for the next week… Or I would!

      • try to keep on your cross bike philipp! ; )

        • Europeantouches

          true, there are a couple of shorter rides we could do together, me being on the CX. If you are interested, that’d be great. Other than that check out the http://www.biosk.eu for pre- or after-ride coffee and snacks.

  • BCD Messenger

    Awesome enjoy the ride!

  • Adam Miller

    Still planning another run of the Mountains of Madness pocket tee?