Urban Cycling Hall of Fame: The 2013 List of Inductees Sep 27, 2013


The 2013 Urban Cycling Hall of Fame‘s first class is filled with many talented individuals. Most of which you will know, others, you might not. Rest assured, this was one of the most tedious and thoughtful selection committees. We all truly believe that the people on this flier have given the most to urban cycling and in some cases, are continuing to support their communities.

Want to see this at a higher res? Click here. Many thanks to Echos and Chrome for sponsoring the 2013 UCHOF.

  • Tommy Tank

    Shame there’s no Craig Etheridge.

    • We had a few criteria for selecting the inductees and Craig wasn’t in line with this year’s selection, just like dozens of others.

    • Crihs

      Why? There are plenty of people more deserving. This is whats wrong with this. People like Tommy think this started when mash came out. Meanwhile 15 – 20 years ago there were dudes crushing it that have and will be forgotten.