“There’s No Racing People Over the Internet” Sep 26, 2013

Introducing Aaron Bradford on Pinkbike

Amen… Nice video from Easton up on Pinkbike featuring one of the steeziest cross racers, Aaron Bradford.

  • pwslavik

    Is he wearing a fanny pack?

    • Baler71

      It’s a hip pouch!
      We’ve all got one.
      Get with it……..

  • Ahab

    Rad trails.

  • ZianStudios

    I thought racing people over the internet was the whole point of strava…

  • hans

    Aaron is such a cool dude. the nicest guy you’ll ever meet

  • Maxwell Merkle

    The fanny pack must be where he keeps his “steeze”?

    Yah, a nice, fast dude for sure.

  • Davey Struthers

    lets move there