The Ruckus Carbon Access Tool (C.A.T.) Sep 3, 2013

I like small products like the new Ruckus Carbon Access Tool:

“The Ruckus Carbon Access Tool (C.A.T.) is a multi-tool like no other. It was developed to fit the majority of keys on the market today and allow for future modularity. Manufactured in the USA from lightweight carbon fiber, it offers a balance between sleek professionalism and everyday usage.

Quote from Shawn Small (Owner of Ruckus Composites)
“My girlfriend was out of town and I needed something to do with my hands”

C.A.T. (Carbon Access Tool) MSRP: $32.50″

Also, check out the new Ruckus web shop!

  • Heenok

    So good to finaly see someone locking his door before leaving! But he forgot his helmet at the bar…

    • Jamie McKeon

      and at the cafe!

    • Rick Turner

      And leaving half a coffee?
      Shame, really.

      CF key-box is tits, though!