The Mission Workshop Acre Alps MTB Tour – Day 05

Enter day 05 of nothing but Alpine mountain biking with Mission Workshop. My body is still sore, almost a week later and all I can think about is how much fun we all had. The morning was cold, damp and silent, save for the cow bells that somehow echoed through the valley all night, barely being muted by the drunken Swiss wine-tasting party that erupted outside my open hotel window.

Lyle and I awoke at 7am and ate breakfast with Stefan (owner of Stilrad Zurich) and Alberto. 7:30am we rolled out into the misty mountains. From the onset, today was supposed to be quite easy, with a few technical sections and one nasty, nasty climb. At this point, the extra rain clothes and merino base layers I brought became a burden. Every ounce of extra weight in my backpack seemed to pull me back down each climb. Not to mention the 5Dmkii and 24-70mm lens… But hey, that’s my job right?

We made it out just fine, save for a few spills, a few flats and loose legs. All I could think of was drinking a sparkling water and a Radler… 30 miles and 4,000′ of climbing at altitude, on a MTB is no joke.

Check out more narrated photos in the Gallery!

Side note: I want to thank everyone who made this trip possible. Stefan, Alberto, Mission Workshop, Santa Cruz Bicycles and anyone else who helped us out along the way. THANK YOU!

  • What is that inverted fork on one of the bikes?

  • Ian Stone

    #49 is bikeporn

  • Tyler

    man, awesome photoset! It’s hard for me to imagine that places like this actually exist. i need to get out more…

  • GeraldBowles

    That atmospheric perspective… These are some beautiful shots.

  • Sean Curran

    Once again, great photos, loving #22, #36, …

  • Joe Schwarz

    the cows smell the salt of your sweat, and there always interested in salt ;)

    • Oh, I know. Just thought it was funny. All of our saddles had been licked clean!

  • Arekey

    I suggest that you should go to Norway someday and do both some touring and downhill. Btw, awesome pictures!

  • hans

    “stoked meter”, gonna have to use that one dude. this is my favorite set from your trip. growing up in iowa, cow shit was on my bike too as cow trails through pastures was the only singletrack in my area. good stuff man goddamn my office job!

  • bleui

    what’s the backpack/hydropack on #33?

    • It’s the Mission Workshop Hauser Pack – search the site / I posted about it during my Eurobike coverage

  • Alan Peterson

    nice work prolly, this set of posts has been just awesome. “I don’t comment much, but when I do…” I’ve been reading your blog since 2004/2005 ( i don’t know) and to see the way you took a “hobby” to a full on career is incredible. Keep up the good work.

    but i still can’t get with the way overpriced cycle clothing.

  • Armand

    Eeeeepiiiiiiic! Great stuff man. Such gorgeous scenery. There is a mtb route I made here in the Santa Monica’s that connects with a section of the backbone trail, 26 miles and 6800ft of climbing, knarly!