Richard Sachs Cyclocross Sep 13, 2013



Hey ATMO, I really, really admire what you’re doing with your cyclocross team. You’ve taken a signature livery and put it aside to allow some graphic auteurs to re-interpret and re-package it. That takes a lot of confidence and it couldn’t have been easy. But as I’m sure you know, from living a long life as a framebuilder and race sponsor that nothing meaningful is easy.

This is me, telling you that you’re doing it and doing it well.

xo Prolly

Now go check out the Richard Sachs Cyclocross team website!

  • Emlyn Walters

    All hail ATMO

  • schue113

    What crankset is that? I’m seeing 10 sp Force for the drivetrain but the crank is alloy. Enlighten.

    • mattkime

      Rival due to the Stage Cycling power meter. The Force crank is carbon fiber and the crank arm backed power meter doesn’t work with that material.

      • Milin Balsara

        that’s actually not completely accurate. I have an X0 crank with the x9 stages arm. The spindles are the same between the carbon arms and the alloy arms, and stages just measures the NDS arm, so you technically *CAN* run force with the rival stages arm and have it be accurate (our team, Rodder Racing from North of the Border Bikes in San Diego did early beta testing for Stages. I compared it to my calibrated Quarq. It was great once the final firmware was uploaded and any small inaccuracies/temperature drift is accounted for in the new software. Great power meter!)

  • Sean Curran

    This is perfect. All other builders take note.

    • Maxwell Merkle

      What in particular is impressing you? I’m a big fan of Sachs. I’m just curious what builders should be taking note of.

      • Sean Curran

        The branding, and the power getting help from others that have skills in the particular craft. There is Richard Sachs’ history and a new look all brought together in a very refined way. There are a lot of good builders out there let down by there branding. There are also a lot that have good branding, so “all other builders take note” maybe was a bit over dramatic. I just get excited when great craftsmen come together; a great builder, graphic designer and even painter really created something beautiful here.

        Its also a great example of a small company creating something better than all the big guns out there. Also, what builder shouldn’t take note of the skills that Richie has when it comes to building a bike?

        Whats not to be impressed by, really?

        • Maxwell Merkle

          Totally agreed. Shit, I need to get back to work.

          • Sean Curran

            haha me too, this announcement sent me on a long tangent.

  • Maxwell Merkle

    note the change in color

    • yep. I mentioned that – “livery”

      • Maxwell Merkle

        OIC. Designer jargon. I thought he changed…ehem “livery” because of the sponsorship change.

        • GeraldBowles

          livery > colorway forever

          • Maxwell Merkle

            …and both make me nauseous for reasons I don’t fully understand.

          • Believe me, people are concerned for your health.

          • Maxwell Merkle

            born alone/die alone? :)

  • David Evans


  • Wade Stevens


  • Mark_Sheffield

    Didn’t Sachs just say he was done with red and white? What am I missing?

    • No longer red & white with yellow decals. Now brick and cream (colors more obvious on team kit) with cream decals, new fonts, new signature. Modernizing, but also retaining a classical simplicity.

  • Jake Ricker

    That bottom photo is bullshit!
    The brake pads aren’t even cut in half… :)

  • hans

    seems like so many that ride steel frames also use a carbon fork and i find it refreshing that sachs’ team races on steel forks, not that my opinion matters that much, having very little experience with carbon.