Portus Cycles: The Greenhorn Sep 30, 2013

With all the framebuilding talk today, how fitting is this video featuring the inception of a Portus Greenhorn. This was one of my favorite things at Eurobike, but don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, for things aren’t always what they seem! Make sure to watch the whole video and here’s the scoop:

“A short docu of the building process of the first Greenhorn. Handmade in Germany – handmade in Pforzheim. The frame is made of Reynolds 725 steel and fillet brazed. The parts are from Tune and Schmolke Carbon.”

See more at Portus.

  • Chris McKleroy

    N33D that for my unborn

  • Harry

    Jig porn

  • Devin Jones

    that torch is so nice!