Knog: Blinder Road 3 Sep 30, 2013

I’ve been using my Knog Blinder Road exclusively for the past few months and I love it. Here’s a new video featuring this USB rechargeable light set from Knog.

  • I’ve never been comfortable using a rechargeable light for commuting. Given that I use it almost every day, what happens if I am leaving the house and the battery is dead? Or if it dies in the middle of a ride?

    I use a AA-powered light, but with rechargeables. Best of both worlds.

    Of course night time mountain biking is a whole different story though.

    • I just get in the habit of plugging mine in every few days. These lights in particular have indicator lights when the battery is low. Rechargeable batteries die eventually, leading to more battery waste FWIW.

  • Sean Curran

    I really hate the name. All I think of is the idiots on bike paths with their lights on flashing, pointed up into your eyes.

    These look pretty nice though, but I doubt I would trust myself with just 1 of them on completely dark roads. They look like they will do really well for commuting though, so I might pick these up, I like the rear light a lot.

  • Davey Struthers

    love my blinder. really bright, i only use eco one bulb and it lasts for ages and is plenty bright. super easy to just plug in at work . flew off my bars after hitting a big pothole heard a smash but it was fine! just a little scratch. solid constuction.