Keep Cross Weird Sep 25, 2013

Keep Cross Weird-2

I’m not a racer, nor do I train. Cycling to me is mutually exclusive to racing and here in Austin, it’s something I try to encourage: just because you ride bikes doesn’t mean they have to be taken super seriously. Maybe that’s what my initial attraction to cyclocross was?

Sure, you can take ‘cross seriously, train, get down to race weight and kill it. But that gets old pretty fast. Riding bikes to me is an escape from my job and while I may always appear to be working while I’m riding, I need a way to shut off the world and just have fun.

I’ve been wanting to throw a fun and weird race in Austin for some time. All of the group rides I put on take people who are great cross racers and put them in uncomfortably “weird” situations. For me, being able to ride on a whim and trust your instincts is what makes a great racer…

Luckily, Jeff from All-City feels the same way.

Mid-November, we’ll be throwing a “Keep Cross Weird” race here in Austin. There will be an All-City frame up for grabs in the men’s and women’s categories, as well as a post-race sprint for cash. That entire week, we’ll be riding, getting weird and enjoying bikes off-road.

Basically, prepare to have some fun!

  • Ryan Kennedy

    Great work. Wish I could come. Have a blast!

  • Rakesh Sharma

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  • Nick Paglia

    Please let this be the 3rd through 9th! I’m coming down from NJ to explore Austin for the first time. This would be the icing on the cake.

  • NY’er

    Yes, yes, yes! Love your attitude (or lack thereof). Cycling is all about fun, escapism and inclusion.

  • David Hall

    John, I’ll be in Austin for around 3 weeks in November. Would love to get involved.

  • beetard

    Sounds like a fuggin blast!

  • bizzishop

    I appreciate what you convey in the first few paragraphs. In my past 5 years of riding I have seen a good cycling community atrophy due to the shift from riding for fun to riding for competition. First it is keeping up with friends, then dominating group rides, then hard dieting and training to do well in races. A lot of people seem to burn out on cycling because they spend a few years racing and cannot keep up with the demands. I’ve been there, and it is hard to swallow my pride and go back to group rides where I now get my ass kicked. Kudos for supporting an inclusive and accessible approach.

  • Jesse David

    Keep us informed…good excuse to come back to Austin.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I want to make it down for this! Do you have dates?