Invisible Weaponry for Dirty Wars Sep 14, 2013


I have been spending so much time this trip shooting rad cross bikes. All of which have come from Golden Saddle Cyclery, including this one. Ty needed a new fork for his All City Nature Boy, so Kyle lent him the coveted Death Spray Custom painted ENVE cross fork. There’s more to come…

  • chris campbell

    But doesn’t Ty have Hufnagel CX??

    • This is his SSCX

      • Andy_Vibes

        Sounds like Ty has a pretty rad life.

        • Jamie McKeon

          life is what you make it

      • Rogan

        he has the pink SSCX too? so many amazing bikes

        • Tyler Shannon

          i think that one is a seven

  • Lady Lilith Bloodcrave

    I like it. The army pattern is really nice.