Manual for Speed at 2013 Cross Vegas Men Elite

Year after year, the cycling industry flocks to Las Vegas, Nevada, a desert town known for debauchery, gambling and late night shenanigans. Like moths to the flame, people crowd the ailes of Interbike to see the latest technology in cycling, but during the frenzy-filled first day, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: Cross Vegas.

The past two years have been huge and this year, when Sven Nys was announced in the roster, the heat was on… Since I couldn’t stay for the Men Elite race (see results here), I asked my good friends at Manual for Speed to submit a Guest Gallery. You know those guys right? They’re taking cycling by storm with their unique perspective on the sport.

This year, Manual for Speed will be covering ‘cross extensively (as they do) and what better way to start off the season than with a little Cross Vegas? Check out more in the Gallery and keep your eyes glued to Manual for Speed this ‘cross season!

  • Richard Carle

    Isn’t that one of the “official” Manualforspeed correspondents in pic 1? haha

    • quesofrito


    • James Acklin

      So fucking good

  • Gregor P

    cool pictures and so different from the ones you would have taken. like the style that almost makes it look as if they got those photos by chance (or did they?)…

    • quesofrito

      controlled chaos. or professionally lucky. or the end of preciousness.

      • Holler_Atcha_Soy

        Total beginner’s luck. Bro, do you even bokeh?

      • Gregor P

        looks like terry richardson now doing in bikes…

  • Jamie McKeon

    MFS know what they’re doing.