Firefly Bicycles: Rapha Continental Road Sep 14, 2013

RaphaFirefly-01 RaphaFirefly-02

In the spirit of the Rapha Continental, the guys at Firefly have added their ‘glow’ to the list of builders who’ve contributed black bikes with a pink letter. Personally, I love that the guys use SRAM Force on most of the Continental machines. It’s like they’re meant to be ridden hard, on gravel and whatever else might be thrown in the rider’s path. Check out more photos at the Firefly Flickr!

  • anon

    I agree—Force is meant to be ridden. Doesn’t have the dentist-bike bling factor of Red, but who cares, right? Replace it when it when you crash out and break it. Move on.

  • ldp

    I’ve ridden plenty of fire roads, ‘cross and trails with Sram red derailleurs and shifters…

    • That wasn’t my point, but sounds rad ;-)

  • Richard Smith

    Nice frame, as always from Firefly, but the choice of wheels surprised me for a continental bike!

    • Thibaut Rivière

      Why the wheels are surprising? I think Mavic has put a lot of effort to promote their new wheels to professional teams and to convince them they are the most areodynamics (to be tested of course)

      • Richard Smith

        I was surprised by the wheels because the Rapha Continental bikes are not designed for professional teams to race on, but for regular riders to use and abuse long term over all surfaces. Look at any other Continental bike – they all feature handbuilts!

        • That was my first thought too: continental = Chris king laced to an alum rim.

        • Thibaut Rivière

          considering that the bikes are not meant for profestionnal riders, no need for enve carbon elements and sram red, force works just a fine and aluminium parts can be niceley cutom painted but it’s true that continental usualy likes handbuilts (maybe not available at this time for proper setup?)

  • TannerJames

    John, is this a bike just for Rapha, or available for purchase by the gen public?

  • Lemontime

    cool exciting different interesting