Firefly Bicycles: Touring Bug Sep 27, 2013

FireflyDiscTourer-01 FireflyDiscTourer-02

I don’t know how they do it. Firefly’s work is so simple that even something like this disc tourer looks busy. Yet, it all works. Check out more of this disc tourer at the Firefly Flickr!

  • Crying out for a custom Ti-Crowned/Lugged Wound Up!

  • recurrecur

    I really need some Titanium in my life.

    • Richard Carle

      Break your leg, if you’re insured you may get free Titanium ;)

  • Alan De Anda

    have you ever done a shop visit, prolls?

    • A long time ago, before they moved. Search the site! (I’m on my mobile)

  • Joshua Robot

    Touring bikes are not my jam but damn, this is lovely.