Cross Vegas Singlespeed

Hey, #CrossIsHere. Each year, Cross Vegas represents the kick-off for cyclocross racing in the States. Everyone’s stoked, racing new bikes, on freshly trained legs and ready to stare down those beer hand ups (or get beer thrown in their faces). This year, I did things a little differently, focusing more on the singlespeed race and rider / bike portraits. I’ve got more coming from the other races, but for now, enjoy!

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  • Mo Shizzle

    Hole lot of D. Rail Urs in those pics. Nice recap nonetheless. Thanks for posting.

    • The SS and geared were racing at the same time.

  • mywynne

    Fffff, really want to pick up a SSCX frame, but there’s so little available locally!

    • All-City is carried by QBP. You can get a Nature Boy complete pretty easily!

      • mywynne

        Out of Nature Boy Zonas in my size already, apparently! Ridiculously heartbreaking.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Rad shots. Really wish I could’ve made it out there this year. BOKEH!

  • Jamie McKeon

    Wow that van.

  • Lemontime

    fuck yeah nicoooooo!

  • Richard Dreyer

    The belt driven Spot is insane!

  • aarn

    Nice set! Way to represent, Cait!

  • James Acklin

    That Stoemper is fucking rad.