Eurobike 2013: Architectural Booth Details

Architecture is in my blood. It’s in my eye, in my shutter finger and for the most part, mandates how I look at the world, including cycling. Life happens in elevation (not the climbing kind) and part of the reason I enjoy traveling overseas so much is seeing how serious people take presentation… Most recently, the architectural detailing of the booths at Eurobike.

I couldn’t help it. A majority of the bikes were either “WTF” or “What. the. fuck.” – I found it all incredibly disconnected from the US market in a lot of ways, which isn’t necessarily bad – but it made me hard to relate to the European market. Seriously, who the fuck wants an e-MTB? And that’s just one of the many moments I had over the past week.

One of the saving graces I encountered, amongst the bad marketing, body painting, weight weenie talk and general disconnect from “the ride” was the abundance of architectural detailing in the booths. While the European industry may not relate to me so much through their cycling language, I admired the attention to detail for a very ephemeral event. Hell, I seriously think more thought went into the booths than into the bicycle design!

Check out a few shots I snapped while navigating through the madness in he Gallery!

  • Sean Curran

    These are pretty neat. 9 looks really interesting to me. Good to see the building its self is nice as well, I always imagined these shows being in endless dark halls full of fluorescent light.

  • Richard Carle

    You are right about the market being crazy here. The designs are too often utter crap and the number of framebuilders in Germany is on an all time low. Hopefully more people start taking clues from the US market where lots of grassroot companies seem to keep the spirit going. I guess it’s time for the European market to find back to the roots and I don’t mean retro-fixie-style “roots”.

  • Nat Whittingham

    I really enjoyed this change from the norm, a pleasant surprise when i checked the blog today.

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    Your comments remind me of my days going to the skateboarding trade shows. “The ride” truly does get lost in the marketing. Well, with some… Glad to see that doesn’t hold true for you. Loved the photo set.

  • Matt Good

    How many “sweet” folding bikes did you see? Really though.

  • Jamie McKeon

    enjoying the idea of the conceptual versus static idea gallery.

  • disqus_rGe8mNBCAz

    John, Speaking of architecture Eurobike is very close to Zumthor’s Vals Therme project. You should visit. It is incredible.

    • I knowwwww…. I wanted to go too! Also, driving through Basel. :-(

    • Sean Curran

      Always thought that would be the ultimate bike tour for me, try to get to some of his other buildings as well.

  • Alexander Tauras

    Hah, this is why I love PINP. Critical cultural photo-anthropology at its best. Great post.

  • Adam Bowen

    Thank you for just justifying all the time spent reading you blog while I should have been working in studio..