Breadwinner Cycles: Arbor Lodge Porteur Sep 28, 2013



Ira and Tony at Breadwinner Cycles just recently announced the production of their Arbor Lodge porteur bike. While a porteur might not be for everyone, you’d have to find a pretty good reason to not want a ride like the Arbor Lodge. The integrated u-lock is such a rad detail. See more information at Breadwinner.

  • Powell

    Those touring pedals look so weird with the Ultegra cranks!

    • Michael Jellinek

      Slightly odd, maybe, but fully functional. This is a bike you want to hop on and off of with ease.

  • AdamEldridge

    The whole bike is dialed. Well Done.

  • coal

    maybe i’m a total n00b, but how would the steer tube go through that lock contraption thing?

    sick bike nonetheless

    • Mitch Lomacz

      There is a Kryptonite u-lock core in the steertube, which also locks the steering motorcycle style. It’s a super cool feature. The bike is front-to-back legit, and the same one in those photos is for sale…