Ty’s Pink Seven Mudhoney SS Cross

People look great on pink bikes. They’re not as ostentatious as red bikes and evoke a certain “fun” energy, especially when they’re pedaled by Ty from Golden Saddle Cyclery. Riding with that dude is always rad and it doesn’t hurt when you get to check out this steed from all angles (including launching into the air).

The Seven Mudhoney is a no-nonsense cross machine. Built from Seven’s Origin™ butted steel, it’s light, responsive and best of all, can be thrashed with ease. Just add some bike control…

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  • ZianStudios

    damn, so many awesome bikes

  • Jamie

    Really digging the cantilever setup with the stem, I’m assuming that’s custom? How hard is that to do?

    • Eric Baumann

      got a drill? if so, not hard ;)

      • Jamie

        Is there a special ferrule/cable stop to finish the job? The housing needs to butt up against something in there.

        • Eric Baumann

          yep, there absolutely should be. you could either use a step-down ferrule or the brass insert from one of these: http://www.universalcycles.com/shopping/product_details.php?id=22267&category=1613 – just gotta measure and drill accordingly.

          • Jamie

            “step-down ferrule”: heh, so thaat’s what those are called. Thanks.

        • Mo Shizzle

          1. big hole, fitting the housing.
          2. small hole, fitting only the cable + 2mm or so.
          3. done.

  • Sean Curran

    do you know if there is any reason behind the neo retro in the front and the touring canti in the back? I’m assuming they have a bit different power/modulation?

    This bike looks pretty fun, hes got himself a pretty awesome stable.

    • Matt

      Touring in the rear so you don’t smack the wider legs of the neo-retro on dismount and remount.

      P.S. Hi from VSalon (bbane)

    • Eric Baumann

      also a touring canti does have slightly less “bite,” so you are less likely to lock up your rear wheel when braking hard.

  • MJR77

    Another way to get clean cable routing with a low stack and without drilling the stem is to run the cable out from under the wrap, over the opt of the stem, and then down the drive side of the head tube. This works nicely with a deep drop hanger like the Paul Comp one.

    Wholeheartedly agree with running a narrower brake in the back- it stinks to kick the brake on a remount and deal with drag for the next handful of laps.

    That bike is nuts. If I had the garage space and wherewithal to have more bikes for more narrowly defined purposes, a dedicated SSCX racer would be high on my list.

  • Casey C.

    Ostentatious, guess its time to sand blast my red Bridgestone. I had no idea, red bikes were seen that way.

    • btdubs

      Red is classy when done right. Ferrari-wannabe and played-out when done wrong.

  • Charles Southgate

    1) No front fender mountZ

    • Can’t recall the last time I saw anybody racing CX with fenders on.

      • Charles Southgate

        Because blinglespeed is why.

  • Doug M.

    Up there with my favorite bikes you’ve photographed. Awzm.

  • Greg Ralich

    MA via LA. Love it.