Team Fat Chance MTB

This is the second pristine Fat Chance to roll through the doors of Golden Saddle Cyclery over the past few months. There’s a local collector who keeps coming upon these gems and builds them up with either NOS components or damn near close. The most recent acquisition is this Team Fat Chance, built with XTR, Kooka, Onza, Machine Tech, Chris King, Syncros and a set of NOS Onza Racing Porcs tires… yeah.

At this point, no one wants to ready any more copy, so check out more photos in the Gallery!

  • btdubs

    I haven’t seen a canti-equipped MTB for a long long time. Onza and Kooka… some have… interesting memories of these but this bike is still Beautiful.

  • Ian Stone

    That bikes needs those red anodized peace sign cable yokes on eBay from the 90’s!

    • Lars

      I lusted after those so hard back in the 90s. I’d just sit at my grandparent’s bike shop leafing through catalogs looking for ways to make my bike cooler than my friends, and those were always what I thought would put it over the top. I never did get ’em.

  • Ian Whatmough

    Wow. I still lust for these classic 90’s mt. bikes. This is an exceptional example.

  • Nicholas Schaub

    all these mountain bike posts, maybe you should start growing out that leg hair?

  • …and a Ringle bottle cage…stuff of my dreams in teenage years. Gosh this rocks! Syncros, as long as it gets, 0 degrees, flat bars…my father had one of these and I loved him just for that!

  • Leon

    Awesome bike but pretty much everything above the top tube ruins it for me. especially the stem.

    • “Period correct” components aren’t always about aesthetics…

  • Jaron Moore

    Really digging that chain ring and crank.

  • Gabriel DeFelippis

    the old school components really brings back old memories ! onza, ringle, kooka , wow !
    forgot to mention the white wall tires! sweet bike !

  • Reece Fay

    I made my fat chance a single speed but this bike is so beautiful

  • dancakes

    so insane

  • Henry James Pallett

    Dopeness, no Condor though!