Jesse’s Kinfolk Bosco Fixed Cruiser

While a track bike with drops and a negative stem look great in photos, the reality is, at a certain point in one’s life, you just wanna cruise. If anyone knows about cruising, it’s Rivendell Cycles and that’s where Jesse picked up these Nitto Bosco Bullmoose bars for his Kinfolk track bike. Personally, I love it. I’m sure it’ll rub the purists the wrong way but they’re not the ones riding in style like this!

  • philip

    Lovin the lines on this bike.

  • Sofubi Shogun

    Probably not the best geometry for cruising but it’s definitely got style. The new bars render that frame protector moot though.

  • Kevin Ehman

    love this!

  • schue113

    All I can imagine is the new Windhand album blasting as some dude in black denim and a patch covered vest blasts through the night. Screw your “geometry” isn’t right.

    • schue113

      What I’m trying to say is that this thing blasts!

      • Sofubi Shogun

        Never said it wasn’t right or fun, just not optimal. I’d still ride the hell out of it assuming I fit the thing.

  • Sretsok


  • Jan-pieter Noorman

    nice that wheels are 4x spoked don’t see that much on a track bike

    • Paulo Filho

      An NJS certified bike need use 4x