Jen’s Igleheart Disc Cross

Every party involved with this bike are such great people. Chris Igleheart, life-long frame builder, Keith Anderson, phenomenal painter and Jen, owner of Panty Raid and general rad woman. When Jen reached out to Chris at the 2012 NAHBS, she wanted a “do it all” bike. Something with a little more tire, more stopping power and still cross race ready if she ever felt the desire. I kind of feel like that’s what a lot of people look for in a cross bike. The main challenge with this frame, as with any small frameset, is making it look good and I think everyone nailed it! Including Golden Saddle Cyclery on the stellar build!

Pardon my hasty photos, the sun was going down and it was my last night in LA, hence the crossed-chain… At any rate, see more in the Gallery!

  • Marty Walsh

    Such a beautiful bike!! Nice job to Iglehart and the guys at Golden Saddle!!

    • next up? Jen’s Geekhouse Wormville 650b SS MTB?

      • Greg Ralich

        Ol’ Greggo needs a fat bike.

  • hans

    love this! silver parts and gumwalls really do it for me and the disc brakes add a modern touch. this is a bike for life!

  • Xavier

    just amazing

  • Jack Luke

    Man, I actually love the small sizing with the 700c wheels. It’s got a real monster-crossy, trail munching look. Cool.

  • Ace Metric Cycles


    There is no cross-chaining on true 22?

    • Jordan 2

      Nope. Not with the new “yaw” derailleurs (so long as you set them up properly) but that still doesn’t make cross chaining any less taxing on drivetrain wear…

  • that dude

    so epic, itd be hard for me to take this thing in the dirt

  • Keith Gibson

    nice build

  • Eric Baumann

    damn, this bike is sick! nice work chris/keith/jen!

  • Josh

    The profile of that handlebar looks great! Any idea who makes it?

  • Jamie McKeon

    this bike rules!