Chris’ Independent Fabrication Cross

When this frame popped up on Craigslist here in Austin, I crossed my fingers that it would be my size. Alas, it was way too small, but luckily, Chris picked it up. Last year, it was set up as a singlespeed, but this year, he’s got it nicely equipped for a bit of trail smashing and racing. What’s not to love about a pink bike? Especially one with a bit of style. Purple Chris King? Check… See more in the Gallery!

  • Jack Luke

    Controversial canti/vee mix.

  • Wobiklingel

    Is that a Sram Apex derailleur body with a Sram Red cage? Looks sweet!

  • Keith Gibson

    i see he is putting the cage to good use….

    • I have your avatar as a tattoo. Blackbeard’s flag!

      • Keith Gibson

        the OG Pirate

  • mywynne

    Wicked bike! Dig the rider/ride photos, adds great context.

  • btdubs

    Is fade paint gonna be the next trend? I hope so!

    • This bike is at least 10 years old!

      • btdubs

        Regardless… Fade paint needs to come back!

  • Davey Struthers

    love my slant 6’s! and its sick to have tomac on your bike!

  • Jamie McKeon

    Awesome portrait.

  • Gaby Mollinedo

    beautiful bike, beautiful pics john! quick question, the felix the cat tatt, what bike shop is that from? i cannot for the life of me remember who makes that (sold out) shirt! any help would be radddddd

    • Golden Saddle Cyclery by Kyler Martz

      • Gaby Mollinedo

        thanks john! you rule!