Trackosaurus Rex: Murdered Out GT Track Bike Aug 7, 2013


Photo by Kyle Kelley

I shoot a lot of bikes, so when I see a unique photo, I always take note. This one in particular came from Tracko last week and I never got around to re-posting it. Check out more great photos of this murdered-out GT track bike here!

  • Wade Stevens

    glorious black

  • Ham Sandwich

    silver cranks.

    • Skytelgod

      So true, last time I checked “Murdered out” means all black… LOL

      • Harry

        Who gives a shit its a wanky phrase anyway!

        • wanky… lulz

          • Harry

            Aussies will know what Im saying :-)

        • Skytelgod

          obviously you do because you cared enough to call it “wanky” lol

  • Well shit! Never thought I’d see my bike on Prolly.

  • John Jones

    I saw some non-murder bolts too, tisk tisk…

  • David

    do you know what seatpost size is for this? 27.2 or 27.0?

  • Fergun Connell

    GT’s still a really good mountain bike brand for me. Even its brake shoes last long.