One on One Minneapolis

To visit Gene and the crew at One on One is to visit a mountain bike museum of sorts. Gene used to race for Bridgestone back in the 80’s. His many bikes line the walls and ceilings of this mecca for dirt heads in the midwest and beyond. But One on One is much more than a MTB specific shop, it’s a cultural hub in Minneapolis, an icon of urban cycling and for many, a local bike shop. Add in a coffee shop and cycling memorabilia to the mix and you’re bound to spend some time walking up and down the space over and over again.

I spent a lot of time at One on One talking to Gene and Cars are Coffins-founder Hurl. Those two guys are some of the most sincere pedal-philes I’ve met. If you live in Minneapolis and haven’t been by, you should! If you’re nice, maybe Gene will let you into the basement. Don’t worry, it’s not that creepy…

While I was there, I shot a few photos in the shop, check them out in the Gallery!

  • Molly

    Nice set! That’s my local bike shop. Mike did a great job rebuilding my old tiny Bianchi road bike after someone broke the back wheel in half and it sat unridden for 6 years. And I drool over that xo-1 every time I go in.

  • blindeke

    you missed the amazing alley, it seems

    • I had so many photos from other events that I just decided to leave it out.

  • macbot3000

    Sweet! An XO-1, an MB-1 and that looks like an MB-zip behind the XO-1!

  • Gene Oberpriller

    Thanks John! Was stoked that you came to town and had a good sample of what the town has to offer.
    Next time we’ll get a ride in.
    See you in LV at DD.