Brooklyn’s Rosko Cycles

A visit to New York wouldn’t be complete without me bugging Seth Rosko for at least an afternoon. In the past, I’ve tried to document his workspace but have never been 100% satisfied with the outcome, until this visit. The thing about Seth’s workshop is that it’s most likely smaller than your bedroom…

His shop measures roughly a four meter cube, barely big enough for two grown men to move about, much less a Bridgeport, jigs, tubes, component boxes and bikes. Every time I come back to see Seth, the shop is more dialed in and this time, I am confident with the documentation.

Seth’s been working a lot of keeping up with his grassroots racing support. A lot of up and coming racers in NYC are riding his steel bikes and that’s something he’s very passionate about. Cross, MTB, road, it doesn’t matter. If you pedal it fast in circles, he can build it.

Check out a few photos from my Shop Visit to Rosko Cycles in the Gallery!

  • Sean Curran

    9th one is outstanding.

  • mat Terwilliger

    Seth is truly a inspiration..I’ve known him for over 12 years now and we share the same birthday..I also have 2 BMW gangstas that were welded by him back when he was holding the torch over there..watching him develop his craft over the years has been awesome..road,cross,pista,Bmx,mountain he can do it all with a passion and experience of someone who not only can make all of these frames,but rip it up on them as well…MUCH RESPECT.

  • quesofrito

    john, i like that you’re shooting black & dark grey!

  • Eric Baumann

    awesome set, that rafter shot….probably my favorite photo of yours…ever!

  • Incredible set. What a shop.

  • JLN

    DDCX representing.

  • kermitonwheels

    Fantastic set. I loved no 8 and the light/light

  • Wade Stevens

    best shop visit set ever
    on the Mamiya?
    f that guy that says you don’t have “insight”