Seth and His Rosko 650B MTB

Now, I won’t say the following tidbit of information was all that surprising to me. I’m not really a numbers person when it comes to running the site, but I do like to pay attention to what you, the readers, respond to. Not necessarily traffic, per say, or comments, or trackbacks, or whatever but when a bike gets as much love as Seth’s 650B MTB did, I take notice and as I said, I wasn’t surprised. This thing has pizzaz in a world of mediocrity.

While the serenity of a solo bike photo shoot is nice, sometimes I like to get the builder to hold their work of art and pose for a few photos. Case in point: Seth and his Rosko 650B MTB! Check out more in the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm / expired Kodak Portra 400

  • reteptterrab

    That is a sweet ride! I’d like to see it with a set of the IRD Gumwalls on it!
    Put some on my Purple Dragon (Jamis) and they classed it up a bit.

  • hans

    builders posing with their bikes is good shit. i would love to shred on this thing….

  • Zac


    • Actually, this was Precision!

      • Zac

        Nice. I haven’t been up that way in a bit. Eric over at Holland mentioned your work the other day.

  • Peter Wright

    I got a chance to ride seth’s bike at Cunningham park In NYC I have to say it was a great ride!

  • Chazz Michaels

    how’d you find shooting with expired film, any difference?

    • It just looks a little more yellow than usual.