Rapha Rising 2013 Infographic Aug 1, 2013


Rapha‘s Strava challenges are always a lot of fun. Ever look to see what the competitors are riding? Personally, I always enjoy clicking on the leader’s stats and seeing where they rode and what kind of elevation they can hit on their home turf. For the Rapha Rising 2013, people came out of the woodwork:

“30,841 riders worldwide took to the hills and mountain roads as part of the eight-day Rapha Rising Challenge. The challenge, in conjunction with Strava, was to climb the combined height of the Alpe d’Huez, Peyresourde, Ventoux and Col de Sarenne. A total of 7, 235m was the target but, of course, many went above and beyond that figure.”

  • Where did this infographic come from?
    Also, any idea how and when we get the roundels this year? Last time there was an email list to submit your address…

    • This came from the Rapha PR email:

      “Strava will contact the 4,657 participants who completed the challenge to make arrangements for delivery of their commemorative Rapha Rising woven roundel.”

      • Thanks John.

      • JLN

        Only 4,657? I thought there would have been more.

  • hans

    yeah this is nice dude but it’s August already, where’s the calender? i need to start my month :)

  • Tony McCue

    Awesome graphic

  • aeriolabehaviour

    I went a bit above the objective, but it wasn’t easy. and july is always very hot around where I live.

  • Samy Bukowski

    errr… 1912 + 1569 + 954 does not equal 7235. And haven’t they gotten the height of the Sarenne wrong? it’s 1999m. And even then it wouldn’t add up to 7235.