Pardon Me… Aug 18, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates this weeekend. We’ve been soaking in Minneapolis in various ways and that means I get very little time to update the site with all the shenanigans. Here’s a quick pre-ride shot from the other night’s ride with the Fulton Brewery All City racing team.

Kyle had a little atavistic urge to get rad… Regular posting will commence tomorrow!

  • hans

    great shot. funny face

  • Roberto

    mid-air burp

  • Keith Gibson


  • Nice spot!

  • NY’er

    So did he land it? :)

    • Like 8 times, once with a kicked chain.

      • NY’er


  • albertjque

    time to start the crossie freestyle tag

    • AJAustin


      • albertjque


  • PNT

    This picture wins the internet for quite a while