NYC Street Snaps 02

Today is my last full day in NYC. This trip, unlike previous visits, I spent a majority of my days walking around the city, even in the rain. While I’ve visited a few shops and seen some friends, to me, New York is just as engaging by foot as it is by bike. Check out a series of narrated photos in this Friday afternoon Gallery!

  • Angelo Medina

    I want that Action Bronson shiiiirt

  • Alan De Anda

    bikes, james turrell, soccer, rad toys, all in one post, jesus christ, great photoset

  • Wade Stevens

    that orange and yellow IF is #1, as in the first one!

  • Molly

    Love Turrell

  • Eric Bones

    Nice shots, were these taken with the RX100 again?

    • yep!

      • Jamie McKeon

        What (vague) settings do you shoot in for the B+W photos dude? (I went ahead and bought this camera, so im curious)

        • No settings. I just adjust the histogram in Lightroom.

          • Jamie McKeon

            oh right, RAW, go figure, thanks dude.

  • Jamie McKeon

    good set.

  • Ivan Arsenyev

    Oh man, rain, but so many shots are intresting. i love them

  • Davey Struthers

    holy rick sachs , want