Mission Workshop: Pre-Order the Orion Waterproof Jacket Aug 19, 2013


Mission Workshop has just posted up a pre-order for the Orion jacket, which in my experience is the best jacket I’ve owned.

“The Orion is a fully-taped waterproof, breathable jacket cut for life on the bike. Made with 4-way stretch Schoeller c_change. This waterproof–breathable fabric is designed, developed, and manufactured in the Swiss Alps; the ultimate testing grounds for all conditions from sub-zero to sub-tropical. This Swiss made fabric is designed to react to changes in temperature and activity levels. As a result, the Orion jacket is the perfect waterproof jacket for an exceptionally wide range of environments.

The Orion is equipped with internal ported media pocket, external chest pocket, front-zipped hand pockets, touring style zippered rear pocket, removable snap-off hood. Tailored for riding with articulated sleeves. Cut slightly longer in the back. Well placed pit-zip ventilation. Made in Canada.”

Pre-order one here!

  • 415 bucks?! *gulp*

    • Sofubi Shogun

      They make less money on one of these than they do a T-shirt (% wise). C-Change is an extremely technical fabric that sits at the top of outdoor fabrics for the moment. Mission Workshop and anyone else using it pays big bucks for the raw fabric. Quality waterproof zippers also cost a good bit, not to mention quality seam tape. Once the raw goods are purchased they need to be created by those with the skill and equipment to do so. Ruining even one jackets worth of material and trim is catastrophic to production costs on such a small run. Jackets like this absolutely should be expensive and the owner will reap the benefits. Contrast that with paying somewhere around two to four dollars for a shirt (if you are buying true wholesale amounts) and somewhere between two and six dollars for embellishment and selling it for $35.

  • Simon Rogers

    I bought one of these on sale in the UK – it is a lot of money, but it is also considerably cheaper than the C-change products Rapha and co. manufacture.

    It’s also a fantastic jacket for day to day city riding (I wear it a lot even if there’s no rain – windproof and temperature regulation make it really comfy for cruising.)

    It still gets a little sweaty on faster paced rides, but I think that’s probably due to my physical exertion than anything else. I’ve never actually worn another waterproof for cycling so I don’t know how they would compare – but when I went walking in it a while ago, it was way nicer than the goretex it replaced.

  • Auaebothiabathabaithobeuee

    I suppose they don’t make a size M with size XL sleeves?

  • Jake Ricker

    I got one of these jackets a couple years ago.
    The fit is the best in the game.
    Only problem is, it becomes unwaterproof pretty damn fast.
    Which being a bike messenger in Seattle is kind of a must.
    Not sure if it’s worth the $415…
    But if money is no thang… Get one!

  • Alvin Tham

    Quick question: Will this jacket (when layered with the Bosun) be sufficient when cycling in 0 degrees celcius?

    • Vasudevan Panicker

      Yes, for me it is (I cycle year-round in NYC). I make sure I have a good base-layer – form fitting merino wool.

      • Alvin Tham

        Thanks! I’ve gotten it and here I am wondering why I didn’t get it earlier.

        It’s an amazing piece of apparel!