Minneapolis River Bottom Riding on the Surly Krampus

Look, I love the ‘wood and I love dirt. I’d rather spend six hours in the woods than three on sealed road. Why? It’s more fun. Especially when you find yourself on a 29+ MTB like a Surly Krampus (don’t worry, there’s a review coming). On one of my last days in Minneapolis, Jeff, Kyle and I rode the “River Bottoms” with Baroo, Jeff’s dog.

We took it at a chill pace, messed around on obstacles and stopped for the photo opps… Then, Kyle sprained his ankle and Baroo got overheated (90 degrees in Minneapolis is HOT).

I have to admit, in the 25 miles we rode, I had so much fun riding in the ‘wood with my mates. See for yourself in the narrated Gallery!

  • Ham Sandwich

    boy i tell you what. there is nothing like an ice cold coke in a glass bottle after a hot ass ride.

  • chris campbell

    Awesomeness all around. Except for the ankle sprain.

  • hans

    this set reminds me so much of being a kid in iowa. getting my first bike-shop bike, and building trails on my parents land based on existing white-tail trails and riding with my red heeler. this really took me back man. thanks for this.i’m sure i’ll be back to look at this a few times….

    • chris campbell

      That is really cool

  • Noel Smith

    Curious to know what you think of the Krampus, do the wheels seem overly heavy/slow? If I could have any 29er, this would be the one.

  • Alan Marshall

    that bike jerks kit is rockin’

  • Harry

    That bike is the N+1

  • Jamie McKeon

    Damn that van is my one of my favourite cars and those trail photos are just phenomenal. your MPLS sets have been A+++

    Edit: can anyone tell me if that is the syncro (4×4) kombi?

    • Davis Yarbrough

      Not a syncro, based on the gas filler placement seen here instagram.com/p/dLOP-VrHae

      • Jamie McKeon

        TY dude

      • Brent Goeres

        still a badass van! with some badass rides in it!

  • Alex Hillis

    This might be the most fun album you’ve ever posted.

  • Richard Smith

    This set is so rad! Perfect pictures of a great looking ride. Riding bicycles as a means of exploration and adventure has always interested me more than bicycling for sport or transport or fashion.

  • Christina Julian

    One of the best photo galleries I have ever seen. Hands down. Top notch job.

  • Lee

    what fun!

  • Kyle Kelley

    Such a RAD day!