Minneapolis Randomness 01

Yesterday was the first full day in Minneapolis. I’m here for the All-City Championships, along with Kyle from Tracko. We’re both crashing at Jeff from All-City’s house and that means we fall into his routine. His food, his rides, his spots and of course, his house. When you’re staying with someone like Jeff, expect a good time. Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

  • Wade Stevens

    Great Set!
    #lightbidon great shot – Kyle should hang that on the wall of GSC
    Everyone should have a friend named “Hurl”!

    Did Jeff wear a “Prolly is not Sheldon Brown” shirt in your honor? :-)

  • T.C. Worley

    Welcome to town, sir! See you at BanditCX.

  • hans

    yeah for the midwest! and digging the fulton frame, paint scheme too

  • recurrecur

    I’d really like to know more about the bike in #4.

  • Molly

    Cool. Welcome to Minneapolis! Holla if you see a chick on a tiny Bianchi Eros. That’s me!

  • Parker

    That Fulton All-City needs a growler cage and some Sweet Child of Vine!

  • Jack Luke

    Throw on some tubs and that Fulton is the exact bike I’m lusting over these days.

  • Noel Smith

    What’s the difference between the Fulton and Nature Boy? Look sort of the same..

    • It’s a Zona nature boy with Fulton paint

  • coco watson

    don’t miss a shot of the furry jockstrap hangin’ in jeff & bridget’s basement.