Mash: D’Horta Velodrome Aug 23, 2013


Just about everyone is over in Barcelona for the Red Hook Crit, including the Mash team. Mike shot some incredible photos at the D’Horta Velodrome during a warm up session and you should really check them out.


That said, I’m more stoked on his detail photos of the track, which you can see here. I wish the best of luck to everyone who’s racing tomorrow. Ride safe fellas!

  • schue113

    I don’t wanna troll but I’ve done maintenance work on wooden velodromes and that one looks to be in pretty rough shape. I can see warped boards and voids in the track surface. Also, the surface finish is very telling. Those boards needs to be sealed up! Crashing on the nicest of wooden tracks means splinters. Splinters that I have seen cause sepsis. Seal up that surface!

    • .,`

      i dont really think the intention was for it to be smooth and easy to maintain. its a beautiful velodrome. very spanish.

    • Hurtin’ Albertan

      I’d rather crash on old wood than fresh wood. The fresh wood is more likely to splinter. The track has small gaps but the boards look good and thick. I’d be surprised if you noticed most gaps. Looks like it needs less maintenance than a track with thinner planks. I’ll agree that it’s probably not the fastest track but it looks quite good to me.

      If you’ve done maintenance or ridden any tracks you’ll know that very few are perfect. Especially outdoor tracks. It’s part of the charm.