Manual for Speed: Podium Girl Race Analysis from the US Pro Challenge Aug 20, 2013


This is why I love Manual for Speed!

“At 10:01 a.m. inline behind us at the Snowmass Village Starbucks we met the 2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Podium Girls: Candice Wurster and Courtney James.1 Courtney from Los Angeles, California drank an Iced Doppio With Half-&-Half and Candice from Fort Collins, Colorado drank an Iced Venti Unsweetened Passion Tea.

“We’re having a blast! We work with an agency called Umbrella Girls USA and we were selected by Medalist. We’ve done NASCAR, Moto GP, NHRA, Motocross and a lot of cycling events. We feel like we’ve made it now because this Medalist and USA PRO CHALLENGE event is the biggest event we’ve done so far. We haven’t done any weird jobs but we’ve met some weird people. Do we know about Peter Sagan? Yes! And yes we saw that picture and we know what he did. We would not let it happen to us though, we’d be like, “No way!” [At this point MFS interjects: “But he’s really fast, and he is a sprinter!” And then we all start laughing and pretending to dodge unsolicited Ass Grabs.]”

“We don’t think he’s ever going to do it again though.”

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  • Ass grabs are fairly common in my line of work ;)

  • Jorge Hernandez

    I saw these 2 girls at Escondido’s finish line (Tour of California) with cannondale kits…promoting…mm, cannondale bikes obviously. Anyway…hot as all hell. I wouldn’t bash on Sagan at the minimum attempt of ass-grabbing action.

  • Cassandra Habel

    Ass grabbing and podium girls? Really? Thanks for continuing to marginalize the WTF community who enjoys the sport of cycling. I get that these women are choosing to do this as a career, but I’d much rather see them kicking ass on bikes than being some bro-athlete’s trophy.

    C’mon Radavist, you can do better. Yeah, it’s all funny and cute to talk about ass grabbing…until you actually think about how gross and uncomfortable of a conversation that is to actually have. Would you ask a dude about getting his ass grabbed or his balls cupped? Hell no!

    A guy would be interviewed about the actual sport of cycling or something a lot less insulting.

    I realize this is older coverage, but I just discovered it. I really hope we can all continue to progress beyond this as an industry and a culture.