Manual for Speed Paid Me A Million Dollars to Post This New Tee Aug 27, 2013


… not really but the new MFS shirt gradient fade is awesome.

Pre-order one at Manual for Speed.

  • Ryan Kennedy

    #blogbiz #hookups #uscratchmyback

    • I actually pay for every tee shirt I post here that I end up owning. #SupportTheBros

      • odenator

        The bikes though… he gets every single bike he posts for free. John is sitting on about $1.5 million in bikes.

  • quesofrito

    everyone should shut up. prolly posts what he likes and what he wants to support. and for the record he bought this tshirt and every single thing from MFS at retail. we keep telling him to stop. he keeps buying/supporting MFS and Yonder. everyone else in the industry asks for hook ups. except john.

    scratch that.

  • dylanvw

    Wait, the dude works his ass off and pays his way to travel around the world to bring you an incite to the world with a unique perspective. And you’re upset that he gets a couple bones?