Introducing the Mission Workshop + Acre Hauser Trail Pack

The founders of Mission Workshop began their love affair with the bicycle on mountain bikes in NorCal, so naturally a hydration-compatible trail pack was bound to sneak its way on their already diversified line. As part of the new Acre sub-label, the Hauser trail pack doubles as a pack and a small backpack for urban riding / commuting.

For it being relatively small, the Hauser packs a lot of detailing. Expandable compression straps will hold a helmet, pads or jackets and the expandable roll top increases capacity. The bag itself is actually separate from the harness, allowing for air circulation through the perforated shoulder straps and back pad.

Dual hydration reservoir access points allow nozzles to be routed either way, or you can run two. Unzip the center to find a removable tool roll that doubles as a travel case for just anything you can stuff into it. Two side pockets fit gloves, flasks, tools, pump and other on-the-run necessities.

Top it all off with a Made in the USA, lifetime warranty and you’ve got one solid contender for trail packs.

I’ll be testing this bag in the Swiss Alps next week and will return with more field photos!

Available colors:
Grey, black, blue and Multicam (limited)

Large 750-800 cu in (12L) – $225
Small 600-700 cu in (9.8L) – $200 – shown

Check out more detail photos in the Gallery!

  • Sean Curran

    Damn, I’m sold on that. Love the “flatter” approach, I hate camel backs that roll around on my back. I’ve been looking for a new pack for a while, but there is nothing out there really, good on them to pick it up.

    Thanks for posting this, looking forward to seeing what your up to in the alps.

  • Agleck7

    Curious about how it would hold a helmet (either normal or full-face) with those straps. They look good for holding pads

    • I’m doing a more thorough review shortly.

      • Agleck7

        sweet, thanks.

  • Ian Stone


  • jon john

    Shouldn’t this have a ‘sponsored post’ banner?

    • Jamie McKeon


    • Not at all. Dick.

      • jon john

        You don’t see a conflict of interest in promoting/’reviewing’ a product by a company that is currently paying you?

        • You’re such a twat.

        • Your unintelligent, naive assumptions frustrate the LIVING SHIT out of me. These people are my friends, who make GREAT products in the USA and spend their days obsessing over quality. Them buying a ticket doesn’t buy them blog coverage. I fully support what Mission is doing and would have posted this bag regardless.
          You’re just like the fools thinking I get paid to post about Geekhouse, Outlier and Manual for Speed. Laughable.
          There’s no conflict of interest. It’s a solid product at an affordable pricepoint and you’re reading into your own social insecurities if you think I’m corrupt in supporting them.
          Contribute something worth while to the site or leave.

          • Adam Herstein

            Agreed. Mission Workshop makes some fantastic stuff and even if they did pay you for this post (which I am sure they did not), it still has value for someone who wants to buy this and wants more photos of it.

  • Adam Herstein

    Release date?

  • mywynne

    Recently got my R6 Field Pack and so far it’s absolutely amazing! Very stoked on the quality and design of these guys’ stuff.

  • Mook

    Will the tool roll be sold separately?

  • Michael Dachs

    I just wish it were larger, somewhere in the 20 L neighbourhood (Yes I know, I carry too much stuff). Notwithstanding that it looks like the mest thought-out trailpack I have seen yet, so I am probably gonna buy it anyways.

    • 20L for a trail pack? What on Earth are you carrying? ;-)

      • Ian Stone

        Another trail pack inside of it.

  • joe

    I gota say dats a goud louking bag …multicam madness!

  • Jaron Moore

    I have a MW Sanction and off brand hydration pack. Sure would be nice to consolidate the two, with MW attention to detail/quality. Looking forward to your full review.

  • pentaxkr

    Very nice! Im on the look after a bag like this, going to attend Grenserittet and some other rides her in Norway next year:) Looking forward to a closer review:)

  • Jacob Rodriguez

    I can’t wait for this bag, I am starting to get back into mountain biking & seriously hate the bulkness of most bags on the market. Mission workshop rambler bag has withheld a year of riding in Los Angeles so this bag should be able to handle most anything. Plus I can totally rave on their customer service which is always a plus!

  • dylon


  • Adam Herstein

    Did your back get sweaty while wearing this pack? If it did, was it less than it would have been wearing a Vandal or something similar?