I Made it to Eurobike Aug 27, 2013



After a long day of traveling and two whole hours of sleep, I’m alive and well at Eurobike. This show has eluded me for four years now. Year after year, plans have fallen through last minute but this year, I’m here thanks to Mission Workshop (thanks guys!).

Expect lots of randomness, rad bikes, beer, brats, bros, babes and bourbon. Since the WiFi sucks here at the show, I’ll most likely be updating the site only a few times a day… If you’re at the show, track me down and I’ll shoot your portrait.

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  • Adam Miller

    A gulp of the Black Forest!

    • Oh, we’re doing some rad fucking MTB riding after the tradeshow. The Swiss Alps and Krallice are calling.

  • Kevin Squid Bolger

    Fak! Such a Rad Show. Have a Blast Yo!!!

  • Simplicityofjoy

    Been to this a few times (I’m German) and miss it extremely since living in Australia. It was my paradise as a kid and teenager. Enjoy John! Rothaus is pure awesomeness in a bottle btw.

  • tourdefuckyou

    If you get a chance to come to Munich check out http://www.gutenbiken.com . It is a bad ass shop.

  • say hi to the unicorns if you see them :) http://instagram.com/p/dh4IB0P_QI/

  • Tamás Varga

    Crap. I managed to track you down and didnt ask for a portrait. Maybe next time. Anyway it was nice to have met you Thursday morning.