Heavy Pedal: Flying Tigers Promo Video Aug 5, 2013

The guys at Heavy Pedal posted up this promotional video for their new Flying Tigers kit. Scoop one up at Heavy Pedal.

  • odenator
    • Julio Saenz

      Actually designed by Victor Vasquez but nice try, asshole.

      • odenator

        I didn’t say who it was designed by. I thought it was funny because it shares some elements of the supposed “hipster logo” designs. In fact, the only reason I posted this is because recently the designer of my club’s logo found this and realized HER design shared some elements too.
        So why don’t you take it down a notch there shooter, and learn to lighten up and find some humor in life.

  • Jamie McKeon

    never read the comments

  • Adam Carter

    i just got my flying tigers kit in, and i’m astonished at how high the quality is upon first inspection considering the whole kit costs less than capo/endo bibs!

    kudos THP!