The 2013 Red Hook Crit Barcelona by Hollis Duncan

Although I’ve never been, Barcelona seems like an ideal backdrop for the world’s first and largest track bike crit. With its bustling bike scene, this year’s event drew hundreds of spectators, one of which was photographer Hollis Duncan. Over the years, I’ve relied on Guest Galleries to supply the site with photos from events I am unable to attend and I’m really happy with what Hollis shot at the Red Hook Crit Barcelona.

The results of the 2013 Red Hook Crit Barcelona:
1. Stefan Vis
2. Evan Murphy
3. Ranier Schaefer
4. Thibaud Lhenry
5. Kyle Murphy

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  • #barricadebutts

  • Mo Shizzle

    #messlife Fish, representing.

  • Christopher Norris

    fuck cars socks are tight – who made ?

    • Hollis Duncan

      The girl pictured was wearing a Madrid fixie kit but I’m not sure who made them or if they’re even Spanish. Brazo de Hierro was the official race photographer and he had on a yellow pair so if you really want to try to track down a pair maybe email him at [email protected].

    • daveaugust43

      My Beautiful Parking official socks!