Giro’s Camo Empire MTB Shoe Aug 2, 2013


I would go into a long-winded explanation as to why I love Giro’s shoes but if I did so, you’d miss the opportunity to pick up a pair of these extremely limited Camo Empire MTB shoes. Head over to the Giro Facebook now!

  • The_Palooch

    These look super dope

  • Jamie McKeon

    Giro just knows what they’re doing

  • btdubs

    One has to wonder the origin of this camo trend.

    • Sofubi Shogun

      Orange and camo have been reoccurring themes in fashion for decades now. The actual fashion roots can be traced back to the early days of Public Enemy and other hip hop groups pushing the militant street look. The cycling industry has just co-opted it and it’s a nice switch up from traditional cycling color schemes.

      • Viktor Vaughn


      • ascpgh

        Public Enemy? “militant street look”?

        You ever been someplace where the first day of deer season is a school holiday? Those city critters using the look are nouveau poseurs.

        • Yep. I grew up in the South. Had friends who hunted deer, boar, etc. And ya know what? If they rode bikes, they’d probably get a kick out of them. I had some people here in Texas comment on if they made them in regular shoes because they wanted a pair. Total poseurs. But you, Mr. Anonymous, you’re the real deal!