The 2013 All City Championship Track Crit

Track bike crits have become all the rage at local city events. These high-speed, high-tension races are enjoyed by all and offer up a taste of what it’s like to not only race in a road criterium, but also track racing. For the 2013 All City Championship, Jeff put on a track crit, to replace his normal match sprints. 50 or so racers entered, over a hundred were there to spectate and it was a great time. I haven’t had that much fun at a bike event in a while!

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

  • schue113

    You should have come up to the velodrome in Blaine to see where the real local track bike crushing happens. I’m waiting for this event to become better organized and on a closed and well lit course.

    • Well, if someone let me know… It can’t be “real” if no one lets others know about it…

      • schue113

        One of the Fulton cross team racers placed three firsts and one second in his four events at the State Championships on Aug. 16th. I think he was on the night cross ride with you. Don’t know if there were any events running while you were here but they did have open track riding from 12-3 on Aug. 17th. Old outdoor wooden track. Steep banks.

        • btdubs

          steeep bankz bro!

  • Nate Ryan

    Nice photos from the night. I had a great time also out there making some photos. Check out a different take on the race:

  • AdamEldridge

    #64 is a really nice shot. Thumbs up.